BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20111111T000000Z DTEND:20111114T000000Z DESCRIPTION:\n\nPunk band Shonen Knife formed in 1981 in Osaka (which is ba sically the Chicago of Japan)\, and in the intervening 30 years they have played venues all over the world\, opened for Nirvana\, jammed with Sonic Youth\, and basically just rocked so hard that this very sentence was shoc ked into ending abruptly. As they enter their fourth decade\, they are in the middle of a world tour in support of a Ramones cover album\, a world t our that will bring them to Minneapolis\, Indianapolis\, and Chicago this very November! Shonen Knife!!\n\nDate &amp\; Film\nFriday\, November 11\, 9:00 PM\nSaturday\, November 12\, 10:00 PM\nMonday\, November 14\, 7:00 PM \n\n<a href=" 6=Y2hpY2dqIDEwLzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=6b702dab" target="_blank"> </a>\nShonen Knife\n\nPlace\nFirst Ave.\n701 First Avenue North\nMinneapol is\, MN 55403\n(<a href=" 5/0/?c4e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDEwLzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=11c0d71f" targ et="_blank">Map</a>)\nThe Empty Bottle\n1035 N. Western Ave.\nChicago\, IL 60622\n(<a href=" e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDEwLzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=d1053e1e" target="_bl ank">Map &amp\; Directions</a>)\nRadio Radio\n1119 E. Prospect St.\nIndian apolis\, IN 46203\n(<a href=" 24667/0/?c4e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDEwLzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=1f4c5913" target="_blank">Map&nbsp\;</a>)\n\nInfo\n\n18 and up\n$12 in advance\, $14 at the door\n<a href=" 0/?c4e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDEwLzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=e46ab2a8" target ="_blank">Tickets and Information</a>\n21 and up\n$10 in advance\, $12 at the door\n<a href=" 4e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDEwLzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=9d2ae671" target="_b lank">Tickets</a>\n21 and up\n$10 in advance\, $12 at the door\n<a href="h ttp:// LzI4LzIwMTEgMTM6MDM6NTE%3d&amp\;x=e46ab2a8" target="_blank">Tickets and In formation</a>\n\n&nbsp\;\n\n DTSTAMP:20240715T052022Z SUMMARY:Japanese Garage Band Shonen Knife Rocks Across the Midwest URL:/en/events/2011/11/11/japanese-garage-band-shonen-knife-rocks-across-th e/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR