BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20110823T000000Z DTEND:20110824T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Eiko &amp\; Koma:\n <em>Naked</em>\n<a href="http://www.mcachic"><strong><em>The Caravan Proj ect</em> </strong> </a>\n<strong>Aug 23-24\, 7:30-9 pm</strong> \n FREE w ith museum admission\n This is a durational performance that takes place on the MCA Plaza\; the audience may come and go.\n\n<a href="http://www.m"><strong><em>Regeneratio n</em> </strong> </a>\n<strong>Sept 22-24\, 7:30 pm</strong> \n Tickets g o on sale Wednesday\, July 6.\n Performed in the MCA theater\n\n<a href=""><strong><em >Naked</em> </strong> </a>\n<strong>Nov 8\, 1-8 pm\, and Nov 9-13\, 1-5 p m</strong> \n FREE with museum admission\n This is a durational performanc e that takes place in the galleries\; the audience may come and go.<em>< /em>\n\nMore information about <a href="" targe t="_blank">Eiko &amp\; Koma</a> .\n\n<strong>&nbsp\;</strong>\n<em>Linger\ , stay here with your eyes\, and kinetically observe how our bodies move t oward the unknown.</em> \n &mdash\; Eiko &amp\; Koma\n\nEiko &amp\; Koma a re venerated dance artists who have been making collaborative works for mo re than 40 years\, since leaving Japan for New York in 1974. Using their b odies\, duration\, and process as their guideposts\, they create stark\, e lemental works in landscapes\, in rivers\, in graveyards\, and are present ed by theaters\, museums\, and festivals world-wide.\n\nTheir living insta llation\, <em>Naked</em> \, is set in a human-scale nest of canvas\, twigs \, and feathers\, with the audience steps away from the artists. It is a d urational performance by Eiko &amp\; Koma and the audience may come and go . Immersive and transcending\, it invites you\, in their words\, to &quot\ ;linger\, stay here with your eyes\, live\, and kinetically observe how ou r bodies move towards death.&quot\; Situated in the Turner Gallery\, Eiko &amp\; Koma perform <em>Naked</em> as part of the exhibition <a href="http ://"><em>Time Is Not E ven\, Space Is Not Empty</em> </a> \, on view through November 13\, 2011\, and which invites you to experience their remarkable career arc with key works through photographic and video documentation\, installations\, and l ive performance. DTSTAMP:20230329T122931Z SUMMARY:Artists Eiko and Koma at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art URL:/en/events/2011/08/23/artists-eiko-and-koma-at-the-chicago-museum-of-co n/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR