BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20100504T000000Z DTEND:20100504T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival: Program 48 - D igital Histories 2010</strong>\n\nThe Film Festival is pleased to present the sixth edition of this groundbreaking project of Visual Communications and Little Tokyo&rsquo\;s DISKovery Center. The perspectives of our elder media artists might lack the technical polish of some big-budget blockbust ers\, but their works speak far more eloquently than anything playing in t he local multiplexes.\n&mdash\; Steven Wong\, Brian Tsukamoto\n\nTotal run ning time: 66 min. FREE ADMISSION! <a href=" /pe/8088265" target="_blank">GET TICKETS</a>\n<strong>MY FIRST CHANGE</str ong>\nDir.: Yoshi Miyake\nA documentary short about one man&rsquo\;s recol lection of the first big change in his life &ndash\; moving from Japan to America &ndash\; and how it changed him as a person.\n\n<strong>LITTLE TOK YO TOWER</strong>\nDir.: Hideko Ibaraki\nAn inside look at Little Tokyo To wers and its inhabitants as told by one of its residents.\n\n<strong>THE J ARANA</strong>\nDir.: Sandy Challe\nA father and daughter form a bond thro ugh a traditional Yucatecan folk dance called &ldquo\;The Jarana&rdquo\;.\ n\n<strong>CHIMA #2</strong>\nDir.: Chima\nChima demonstrates that a busy and fulfilling lifestyle can be great therapy.\n\n<strong>MY CHILD IS GAY< /strong>\nDir.: Harold Kameya\nThe story of a family that supported their daughter&rsquo\;s sexuality\, and their experiences in speaking out about it in the often conservative Asian American community.\n\n<strong>THE LAST DANCE</strong>\nDir.: Michi Tanioka\nThe third installment of MIchi&rsquo \;s &ldquo\;Dance&rdquo\; series has her saving the last dance for the mos t important person in her life&mdash\;her husband.\n\n<strong>A NEW HAPPIN ESS</strong>\nDir.: Sumiko Urquhart\nDiagnosed with cancer\, Sumiko looks inward to her body and her health to understand and gain piece of mind.\n\ n<strong>TO GET A DATE</strong>\nDir.: Jeannie Wong\nAfter a failed marria ge and several bad relationships\, Jeannie Wong turns to her diverse group of friends to seek advice on how to get a date.\n\n<strong>FAMILY PIANO</ strong>\nDir.: Arlene Maala\nArlene Maala explores the memory and sounds o f her old family piano and how it came to be in her family home.\n\n<stron g>8535 MELROSE AVENUE</strong>\nDir.: Chicky Otani\nA look at a successful small business on Melrose Ave. during the early 1980s.\n\n<strong>HIROSHI MA ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES</strong>\nDir.: Bill Kanzaki\nAn overview of a c ultural association that thrives despite the lack of new membership. DTSTAMP:20240526T173947Z SUMMARY:Film Screenings: Digital Histories 2010 URL:/en/events/2010/05/04/film-screenings-digital-histories-2010/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR