BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20100407T000000Z DTEND:20100418T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<a href="" targe t="_blank">BAFICI</a>&nbsp\;2010\, the 12th Buenos Aires International Fes tival of Independent&nbsp\;Films will show "Second Moon" Chicago filmmaker 's Masahiro Sugano's feature film. &nbsp\;\n\n&nbsp\;Second Moon\n\n<a hre f="" target ="_blank">< /a>\n\nDirector\n<a href=" es/show/v/director/280.html" target="_blank"> 10/web/en/biographies/show/v/director/280.html</a>\n\n============ Second Moon =============\nArt of Love is an organization that promotes free love and even helps &ndash\;in exchange for money\, because one has to make a living\, and also buy those black suits&ndash\; erasing the evidence of lo ve betrayals. Q\, one of the agents in the organization\, is about to make a mistake: he starts a monogamous relationship with a Korean girl who\, t o make matters worse\, is a good cook. Monogamous relationships are forbid den by Art of Love&rsquo\;s chief\, Don Jim (masterfully played by Jim Fin n). Second Moon has the aspect and tone of a Japanese lysergic crime film with lots of deadpan and jokes of all calibers\, but it takes place in Chi cago and is spoken in English. Amongst elegant\, cold framings\, as well a s some brilliant reflections on revolutions by Finn\, Second Moon is an in sane film that has no fear of grotesque\, and is presented as a farce that is able to combine whatever it wants\, even some playful erotic shots of body parts that usually aren&rsquo\;t included in top five of the most obv iously sexual areas of the body.\n\nDATES AND TIMES\n\n09&nbsp\;<strong>ab r</strong>&nbsp\;/ 23:00 h\n\n<a>Second Moon</a>\n&nbsp\;/&nbsp\;<a>Masahi ro Sugano</a>\n\n10&nbsp\;<strong>abr</strong>&nbsp\;/ 22:15 h\n\n<a>Secon d Moon</a>\n&nbsp\;/&nbsp\;<a>Masahiro Sugano</a>\n\n14&nbsp\;<strong>abr< /strong>&nbsp\;/ 23:30 h\n\n<a>Second Moon</a>\n&nbsp\;/&nbsp\;<a>Masahiro Sugano</a>\n\n16&nbsp\;<strong>abr</strong>&nbsp\;/ 22:45 h\n\n<a>Second Moon</a>\n&nbsp\;/&nbsp\;<a>Masahiro Sugan</a>\n<a>\n</a>\n<ul><li>Eye Fro m the Sky</li><li>Masahiro Sugano / Sanghoon Lee</li><li>160 E. Grand Ave\ , 6th Floor</li><li>60611 Chicago\, IL\, USA</li><li>T +1 312 804 3200</li ><li>E</li><li>W</li><li>www</li></ul> SUMMARY:BAFICI Buenos Aires International Film Festival Featuring "Second M oon" by Masahiro Sugano URL:/en/events/2010/04/07/bafici-buenos-aires-international-film-festival-f e/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR