BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20100115T000000Z DTEND:20100115T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>The Asian American Studies Program </strong> &amp\;<str ong> The Department of African American Studies</strong> present\n <em> \n Part of&nbsp\; the Asian American Studies 10th Anniversary Film Seri es</em>\n<strong>AOKI </strong> \n A DOCUMENTARY FILM\n by Ben Wang &am p\; Mike Cheng\n \n <strong>Friday / January 15\, 2010</strong>\n<stron g>4 - 6 pm\n Kresge Hall 2-415</strong> \n 1880 Campus Drive &bull\; Ev anston\, IL\n \n A short Q&amp\;A with <strong>Greg Jue</strong> (parti cipant in the Berkeley &lsquo\;69 TWLF Strike) will follow the screenin g\n <strong>AOKI</strong> is a documentary film chronicling the life of <strong>Richard Aoki </strong> (1938-2009)\, a third-generation Japanese American who became one of the founding members of the <strong>Black Pa nther Party</strong> . Filmed over the last five years of Richard&rsquo \;s life\, plus historic footage from the &lsquo\;60s\, this documentar y features extensive footage with Richard and exclusive interviews with his comrades\, friends\, and former students. Viewers will learn about Richard&rsquo\;s childhood in a <strong>WWII Japanese American concentrat ion camp</strong> \, growing up in West Oakland\, and serving eight yea rs in the U.S. military. The film explores previously unknown facts abo ut the formation of the <strong>Black Panther Party</strong> such as ho w Richard became intimately involved in its founding. AOKI highlights h ow Richard&rsquo\;s leadership also made a significant impact on indivi duals and groups in the contemporary Asian American Movement. Richard&r squo\;s contributions to the groundbreaking organization Asian American Political Alliance (AAPA) and its involvement in the Third World Liber ation Front (TWLF) student strike led to the formation of ethnic studie s at U.C. Berkeley. Featuring Richard Aoki\, Bobby Seale\, Yuri Kochiyama\ , Kathleen Cleaver\, Elbert &ldquo\;Big Man&rdquo\; Howard\, Harvey Don g\, Diane Fujino and more...\n\n<pre>--\n\nGregory Jue\nProgram Assista nt\nAsian American Studies Program\nNorthwestern University\nKresge Hall 1 -435\n1880 Campus Drive\nEvanston\, IL 60208\n847.467.7114 p\n847.467.8933 f\n\n</pre> SUMMARY:AOKI a Documentary Film URL:/en/events/2010/01/15/aoki-a-documentary-film/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR