BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20090502T000000Z DTEND:20090502T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Discover Nikkei will present a special activity as part of the Imagined Futures Conference presented by the Aratani Endowed Chair\, UCLA\ , and the Japanese American National Museum.\n\n<strong>Discover Nikkei Co mmunity Collage</strong>\nSaturday\, May 2\, 2009 \n1 - 5 pm \n\n<strong>F REE WITH PRE-REGISTRATION!</strong>\n\nImagined Futures is a one day confe rence for up and coming Asian Pacific American artists featuring keynote a ddresses by Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot and actor George Takei\, followed by 2-hour workshops where participants will learn from established artist s. The workshops will be followed by closing remarks and a light reception .\n\nThis event is FREE\, but you must pre-register at: <a href="https://s\;hl=en&amp \;pli=1"> 6UQ&hl\;=en&pli\;=1</a>\n\nJapanese American National Museum \n369 East Fi rst St \nLos Angeles\, CA 90012\n\n\n<strong>DISCOVER NIKKEI COMMUNITY COL LAGE</strong>\n\nShare a picture\, story\, or item and find your own conne ction within our community.\n\nParticipants will create a community collag e by posting their drawings\, text\, or items (plastic bags will be availa ble to place items into) around themes of "Community" and "Culture".\n\nPa rticipants will create a community collage by posting their drawings\, tex t\, or items (plastic bags will be available to place items into) around t hemes of "Community" and "Identity".\n\nThis collage will be created and o nly exist between 4-5pm. The project will be documented and used to create a Nikkei Album collection. Afterwards\, it will be dismantled. Posted ite ms will not be returned.\n\nCheck out photos from our first Community Coll age in the Nikkei Album: <a href="/nikkeialbum/en/node/12538">Discover Nik kei Community Collage - March 2009</a>\n\n<strong>CONFERENCE PROGRAM</stro ng>\n\n1-2pm Welcome\nSpecial Opening Performance by UCLA's NSU Modern\nOp ening Remarks by Prof. Lane Hirabayashi\, Koji Sakai\, and Emily Morishima \n\nKeynote Speakers: \n\nEric Nakamura of Giant Robot\nGeorge Takei\, Act or \n\n2-4pm Workshops: \n• Filmmaking with director/writer/producer Que ntin Lee\n• Anime/Comics with Jeff Yang and Parry Shen\, Editors of Secr et Identities:the Asian American Superhero Anthology\n• Blogs/New Media with Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man\n• Spoken Word/Hip Hop with LA hip-hop s ensation Shin-B\n• Fiction with award winning writer\, Naomi Hirahara\n • The Art and Business of Clothes with Ryan Suda of Blacklava\n\n4-5pm C losing Light Reception\n\nFor details on the workshops\, go here:\n<a href ="">http://www.facebook.c om/group.php?gid=44840209217</a>\n\nSpace is limited and the workshops are filling fast\, so sign up now!\n DTSTAMP:20230320T155212Z SUMMARY:Discover Nikkei's Community Collage @ the Imagined Futures Conferen ce on Sat\, May 2\, 2009 URL:/en/events/2009/05/02/discover-nikkeis-community-collage--the-imagined- f/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR