2009 Nima of the Month

Nima are members of our Discover Nikkei Nima-kai community. Our Nima of the Month are some of our most active participants. Learn more about them and what they like about Discover Nikkei.

November 2009

victornishioyasuoka (Lima, Lima, Peru)

A very talented and active member of our Nima-kai, Victor has contributed to the Journal, Nikkei Album, and more!

Discover Nikkei es una ventana nueva y diferente para expresarme, para conocer distintas formas de pensar y aprender de la experiencia de otros sin haberla vivido. Por ello comparto bastante -y cada vez será más- con esta nueva comunidad con la que me identifico a pesar de no conocer, aún, en persona a sus integrantes.

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Discover Nikkei is a new and different possibility to Express myself, to know other ways of thinking and learn from others experiences without living them. That’s why I share—with the time it will be more— with this new community with which I identify even I don’t know –yet- to the people who makes it be.

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December 2009

julia_murakami (Whittier, California, United States)

Julia is a Japanese American National Museum volunteer who has contributed to the Discover Nikkei Journal and to the Events Calendar.

What I like about Discover Nikkei is the first person stories be it from the Journal, Nikkei Album or Events. What I check out regularly are My Name is Neal because it makes me smile and Events.

The Events calendar is just plain fun to explore. I get to learn about different programs, exhibitions, etc. from parts near and far (and the Spanish ones are good practice to read). The calendar provides a snapshot of the different Nikkei stories from that particular area, like being the only Nikkei family in town or fighting to preserve the remnants of Japantowns or making known buildings or places that tell the Nikkei story. It tells of emerging artists and provides a glimpse of their talents. Also, it's interesting to see the different types of institutions that become involved in telling the Nikkei story from established museums to small collectives.

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