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Cuando llegue el momento

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

Una antigua canción mexicana me hace acordar aquellos viejos momentos ya vividos. La tendencia de todo lo nuestro es vivir de acuerdo con lo que llegue y los años, aquellos que ya se fueron. Vivirán siempre en ese espectacular rincón donde la memoria nos dibuja lo maravilloso que fue nuestra …

Hope in the AELU

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

To think about the year 1953 is to be at the beginning of the 69 years that the La Unión Stadium or AELU as it is known celebrates this year. I was thirteen years old and lived in the city of Jauja. I remember that every so often two oyisanes …

Goodbye, friend Paquito

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

Time is the only thing that projects us and gives us the end of things. In it we have the years lived and the years to come. Age is the regulation of our principles and we know that in the end the light will go out and everything will remain …

The way to play

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

The years are what prolong our daily lives and teach us to continue fighting on the path of hope. And in what is worth mentioning for having in the past time that vice that is lavish in any concern of life that passes and leaves traces in our daily lives: …

The blue of the sky

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

Whenever the sky surprises me with its blue tone, it fills me with nostalgia. Color envy produces in me the emotional state of its color. I corrected my mind to be in my childhood years and feel relieved. The Continental Cinema, behind me and I, in the middle of the …

Alberto Izu: the human encyclopedia

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

There are friendships that, when talking, one tends to see in them a kind of “Human Encyclopedia.” And the curious thing was that the Coronavirus in its long history taught us the sudden change that we had to make in our lives. I, in particular, experienced that, being “El Rincón …

Music in AELU Tennis

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

Returning to my memories is thanking life on a journey of healthy happiness. It is feeling that the years that are gone always live palpitating at the end of a 'tie break' or accompanying me with the TV in a tennis match. My mind will always be between the bustle …

Jauja, the mirror of a past

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

How many times my steps are directed, they will always go to the Jauja Cemetery. Fast as the youth that passed and was first, or this past that I live today in every attitude of seeing the tombstones, in the concert of the huaynos that is heard every Saturday somewhere, …

Jauja: Return to my past

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

Wednesday, March 23, 2022. For the first time I arrived to Jauja by plane from the city of Lima, the travel time was only 35 minutes and we did not feel the famous soroche or the body discomfort that is felt when traveling by land . My group was five …

come back one more time

Luis Iguchi Iguchi

How many times do we return to our beginnings. Perhaps in our lifetime there will be many times that we will have to return. And today, as proof of love, I tired my hands with my tennis racket on the AELU courts. A little pichanguita like so many years ago, …

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Luis Iguchi Iguchi nació en Lima, en 1940. Es colaborador de los diarios Perú Shimpo y Prensa Nikkei. También colaboró con las revistas Nikko, Superación, Puente y El Nisei. Fue presidente fundador del Club Nisei Jauja en 1958 y miembro fundador de la Compañía de Bomberos Jauja N° 1 en 1959.

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