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The decasséguis are returning. Japan thanks you.

Katsuo Higuchi

“Mr. Higuchi, I read the news that Japan will need more than 300,000 foreign workers in the next five years. Do you think it’s worth working in Japan?” asked me a senior Nikkei who seemed to know me, while I was waiting for the lecture “The Brazilian Community in Japan”, …

UMÊ-SHÛ by AIKO, the incomparable Brazilian plum liqueur

Katsuo Higuchi

An apprentice philosopher says that “old age, among other qualities, brings knowledge and wisdom!” Perhaps this is the big reason why UMÊ-SHU by AIKO   be so successful among us, poor mortals who don't even enjoy a beer. But the liqueur is so delicious that, when we taste it, we …

SHINDO RENMEI, a Dark Chapter in the History of Japanese Immigration in Brazil

Katsuo Higuchi


JAPAN AND SWITZERLAND: Similar in their differences

Katsuo Higuchi

The poet Mário Quintana once said: “ traveling is changing the clothes of the soul! “ Traveling is great, it’s good for the soul and the heart! When we travel, we broaden our horizons, we expand our borders. We return in a different way, rejuvenated, with a new state of …

Women Entrepreneurs

Katsuo Higuchi

A very common expression today, especially among experienced professionals, is “entrepreneurship” which, in a nutshell, means “willingness to take on new businesses or projects, identifying opportunities and transforming them into their own business activity”. It presupposes a creative, innovative, bold spirit. Thinking about starting your own business is one of …

Hotaru no Hikari and the awakening of reality

Katsuo Higuchi

Whenever I hear the chords of Hotaru no Hikari   I feel my heart sinking and the feeling of nostalgia that follows triggers nostalgic memories of other times already lived and overshadowed by the mists of time. That's what happened the other day, when I received a video on You …

An Angel Named Washington

Katsuo Higuchi

Aging is a natural, gradual and continuous process and, depending on the culture, the elderly are seen from different perspectives. In some countries, mainly Eastern countries, there is a view of respect and consideration for the elderly, a concept that is not repeated, as a rule, in other societies, which …

OSHOGATSU Brazilian style

Katsuo Higuchi

Oshogatsu (New Year) is the most important celebration in the Japanese calendar. Even here in Brazil, with its eminently Christian culture, the date is celebrated by the Nikkei community – not with the same intensity and importance as Christmas, but always in a respectful and festive manner.

Enokizono family, example of struggle and determination

Katsuo Higuchi

Faced with the insidious crisis that has been plaguing Brazil in recent years, more acutely in the last 6 years when the unemployment rate reached over 13%, something around 14 million inactive people, the situation was not more serious due to the excellent performance of the agricultural sector which, this …

The charm of “free markets”

Katsuo Higuchi

One of the pleasant habits that I have cultivated since I was young is attending “ free markets” or “ doing the fair” as they say in São Paulo, the city where I have lived for many years. The “free market” is a tradition of local culture, as is Carnival, …

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KATSUO HIGUCHI, nissei brasileiro, nasceu na cidade de Pompéia, no Estado de São Paulo, Brasil, mas passou a infância até os seus 12 anos, em Tupã, outra cidade do mesmo Estado.
Há muitos anos vive na Capital, São Paulo, onde formou-se em Direito, casou-se com uma nissei , tem 3 filhos e 2 netas. Praticamente, toda sua vida profissional foi focada na área de Recursos Humanos, onde se especializou em lidar com “pessoas”, sua paixão. Foi executivo, diretor e empresário. Outra paixão que sempre teve foi de “escrever”. Desde jovem colaborava com Jornais da Escola, das Empresas e , algumas vezes, teve a ousadia de enviar matérias para jornais da colônia japonesa de SP, de circulação diária.
Vem colaborando já há algum tempo com o jornal NippoBrasil e, recentemente, teve a satisfação de ser aceito como Colaborador do Discover Nikkei.

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