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Producing Japanese American History: An exploration through the JANM archives

Part 5 of 5 – History is Found: Sumi and Masao Shigezane

Dean Ryuta Adachi

Over the previous four installments of this series, I have attempted to demonstrate many of the ongoing issues here behind-the-scenes at the Japanese American National Museum. We are fortunate to have so many priceless artifacts that help tell the remarkable history of Japanese people in the United States, but for …

Producing Japanese American History: An exploration through the JANM archives

Part 4 of 5 – History is Lost: Joyce MacWilliamson

Dean Ryuta Adachi

To this point, we have examined three exceptional figures from the Japanese American community with remarkable stories and records. However, the sad truth is that for every item that we can properly describe, there are countless others that we can’t.

Producing Japanese American History: An exploration through the JANM archives

Part 3 of 5 – History is Ignored: Estelle Ishigo

Dean Ryuta Adachi

Estelle Ishigo is a name that may be familiar to many of you. She was one of the few whites to be incarcerated with Japanese Americans during World War II. Estelle voluntarily chose to enter Heart Mountain Relocation Center in order to stay with her Nisei husband, Arthur Ishigo. She …

Producing Japanese American History: An exploration through the JANM archives

Part 2 of 5 – History is Told: S. John Nitta

Dean Ryuta Adachi

The second part of this series will tell the story of another fascinating individual with a tremendous contribution to Japanese American history. Shigeru “John” Nitta was born in Seattle in 1911, but moved to Japan as a child due to his father’s illness. He eventually returned to the United States …

Producing Japanese American History: An exploration through the JANM archives

Part 1 of 5 – History is Made: Namyo Bessho

Dean Ryuta Adachi

While not exclusively the case, we can simply surmise that fascinating individuals with fascinating life events make fascinating history.

Redefining “CAMP” In Japanese America - Part 3

Dean Ryuta Adachi

Read Part 2 >>The Lasting Effects of the CampsThe camps are important not just because they are a week of enjoyment, but the impact from the week carries over for the rest of the campers lives. The newly formed friendships serve as the core to the legacy of the camp …

Redefining “CAMP” In Japanese America - Part 2

Dean Ryuta Adachi

Read Part 1 >>United Methodist Asian American Summer CampIn 1974, Reverend Peter Chen of San Jose Japantown’s Wesley United Methodist Church and Reverend Harry Murakami of Livingston United Methodist Church created United Methodist Asian American Summer Camp (commonly referred to as Asian Camp) since the other summer camps of that …

Redefining “CAMP” In Japanese America - Part 1

Dean Ryuta Adachi

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which led to the relocation of all 120,000 Japanese Americans living in the Western United States into internment camps. Today, historians consider this blemish in American civil rights to be the defining moment of the Japanese American community. …

Little Tokyo lunches

online exhibition

one of the greatest things about working at JANM is having a great excuse to explore all of the nearby restaurants.  here are some photos from my trusty cameraphone of …

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yo what up! thanks for visiting my profile page. i’m the only child of a sansei father and japanese immigrant mother, so officially that makes me half-yonsei and half-shin-nisei. and yes, i identify with both!
i was born in santa cruz, california and have made stops in capitola, watsonville, fremont, los angeles, mountain view, tokyo, and claremont before eventually moving out to covina earlier this year. currently i’m a lecturer in asian american studies and trying to finish up my phd in american history. my research interests include immigration history, japanese diaspora, and the intersections of race and religion.

i love snowboarding, judo, exploring, watching sports, and spending time with friends and family. i'm a die-hard san francisco giants fan, even though two of my favorite players were dodgers (jackie robinson and hideo nomo). i’m also into mixed martial arts, but i'm really not a violent person.

follow me on twitter @initial_dean. and if you're ever in northern california, be sure to swing by the japanese american museum of san jose (JAMsj)!!

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