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Inspire Forward: Nikkei Heroes Under 30

Politics, Taiko, and Nikkei Activism with Kota Mizutani

Kimiko Medlock


Inspire Forward: Nikkei Heroes Under 30

Emily Teraoka: Inspiring Conversations through public service at Minidoka National Historic Site

Kimiko Medlock

Emily Teraoka grew up around both the Japanese and Mexican cultures that are part of her heritage, but they were sprinkled into a mix of quintessentially American things—country music, pickup trucks, weekend sports, and big Halloween parties around her family’s home in Fresno, California. It wasn’t until college that she …

Oshōgatsu in the Pandemic…Again

Kimiko Medlock

Nima-kai Traditions: Oshogatsu Foods 2022

New Film Paper Chase Tells the Story of Japanese American Media

Kimiko Medlock

Japanese and Japanese American newspapers have been faithfully chronicling the history of the Japanese immigrant community since the late 1800s in the United States and Canada. Organizations such as The Rafu Shimpo (founded in Los Angeles, in 1903), among many others, have gathered Japanese American stories and used them to …

The Incarceration in Context: New book paints the story of JA oppression, incarceration, and resilience

Kimiko Medlock

JANM’s Media Arts Center Spotlight

Kimiko Medlock

Reading Night in the American Village

Kimiko Medlock

No-No Boy Author John Okada, Rediscovered

Kimiko Medlock

New Memoir Celebrates the Life of Nisei Resister Jimmie Omura

Kimiko Medlock

Mas Arai’s Last Mystery: Interview with Naomi Hirahara

Kimiko Medlock

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Kimiko is a second year graduate student of Japanese history in New York. It very recently dawned on her that she needs to look for jobs, but she has decided to put it off until tomorrow. Or the day after that.
She is a member of New York Taiko Aiko Kai, and the Okinawan American Association of New York.

Nikkei interests

  • community history
  • family stories
  • Japantowns
  • taiko

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