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Enemy Alien: An American Sansei’s Story - Part 2 of 3

Norm Masaji Ibuki

Read Part 1 >> How did 9-11 change your thinking of yourself as a JA? The larger JA community? 9-11 was undoubtedly a galvanizing moment for the JA community as it was for me, because the government’s response of targeting Muslim, South Asian, and Arab communities completely negated the apology, reparations, and …

Enemy Alien: An American Sansei’s Story - Part 1 of 3

Norm Masaji Ibuki

Who among us has not wondered if the World War II internment of the Nikkei community or, indeed, any other religious or ethnic one, could ever happen again?

Kizuna: Nikkei Stories from the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

A 3/11 Book Review of Strong in the Rain

Norm Masaji Ibuki

I received a phone message from my Nisei Aunt Lorna in Barrie, ON: “Norman, I just saw a news report on CTV news about a group of students from Malvern Collegiate in Toronto who are going to Japan to see the 3/11 disaster zone. The Japanese Consul-General, Eiji Yamamoto, says that …

Livestock Building at Hastings Park in Vancouver, B.C.

Norm Masaji Ibuki

“Over 3,000 Japanese Canadian women and children, demonstrating resilience under deplorable conditions, were unjustly detained here from March to December 1942. A public facility since 1929, the Livestock Building gained national historic significance as a federally authorized wartime marshalling site for Japanese Canadians prior to dispersal and internment. The detention, …

Kizuna: Nikkei Stories from the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Monkey Majik and the Yoshida Brothers’ “SOS Tohoku Relief Tour”

Norm Masaji Ibuki

     “I was scared of old, distant memories      Now I’ve become strong and tall      If the night will      even if there is nothing left in the world,      the light will come      When will it come again?”        …

Japan Journal

Learning Japanese

Norm Masaji Ibuki

Aikido, reading, and learning Japanese are the main ways I try to understand the complicated cartography of being Nikkei. I’m now enrolled in the beginner Japanese class at the Miyagi International Association here in Sendai. We all seem to be “false” beginners since most of us can read hiragana, katakana, …

Japan Journal

The Joys of Eating Soba

Norm Masaji Ibuki

“Noodle dishes are very popular, as they make a delicious and filling simple meal. It’s all right to make slurping noises while eating them—the extra intake of oxygen is said to add to the taste.”     —Berlitz-Japanese Phrase Book and Dictionary

Japan Journal

Jazz in Sendai with Kei Akagi

Norm Masaji Ibuki

I recently met jazz pianist Kei Akagi quite by chance.

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*Sansei *Born in Toronto *Grandparents are from Shiga and Kumamoto kens* Families were interned in Kaslo, Bayfarm and on a Manitoba beet farm * Lived in Sendai, Japan from 1994 to 2004 * Teacher in Brampton, ON * Aikidoka * Writer for the Nikkei Voice for close to 20 years * Writer of "Canadian Nikkei series" which aims at preserving Canadian Nikkei stories. Future of the community? It depends on how successful we are in engaging our youth. The University of Victoria's (BC) Landscapes of Injustice project is a good one.... gambatte kudasai!

Nikkei interests

  • community history
  • family stories
  • festival/matsuri
  • Japanese/Nikkei food
  • Japantowns
  • taiko
  • aikido

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