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The Evolution of A Canadian 'Enemy Alien' - The Frank Maikawa Story - Part 2 of 12

Frank Maikawa

Read Part 1 >>  Remembering ‘Okasan’ and ‘Otosan’ My mother, Jun Ogawa was 8 years younger than Dad. She was born a Buddhist and was forever a Buddhist but she wanted us children to be Christians (she respected other religions also) as we were living in a Christian country and would …

The Evolution of A Canadian 'Enemy Alien' - The Frank Maikawa Story - Part 1 of 12

Frank Maikawa

Pre-War Days & Immigration The story started sometime in the mid-1920s when my father, Bungoro Maikawa’s oldest brother, Tomekichi immigrated to Canada and made some money fishing around Prince Rupert. Later, my uncle, Tomekichi-san rented a store on Powell Street, Vancouver before he bought it outright and started small but …

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Fumio Frank Maikawa (Kintarosan) is a Japanese Canadian Nikkei. Retired for the past 17 years, he enjoys life with his wife, Susan, in the beautiful town of Collingwood, Ontario. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, but lost his innocence for being an unfortunate, unwanted ‘yellow baby’. This part of the Canadian era was despicable and unconscionable. Displaced out of his home province, he was fortunately rescued by the beautiful and loving people of Ontario. They say that there are always ups and downs in life, but what a wild roller coaster ride he experienced! These life experiences personified his rite of passage into the man he is today. He was bullied into thinking he was a ‘nothing’, but showed them one better – he became a proud Canadian who is respected by friends and family. He is still trying to be a difference maker.

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