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Yoemon Shinmasu – My Grandfather’s Life in Seattle

Part 4 – Sending children to Japan

Ikuo Shinmasu

Part 3 introduced Yoemon’s family in Seattle after his marriage and his barbershop business with his wife. In part 4, I will write about the life of Yoemon’s children in Kamai. They were brought back to Japan for the sake of his business and Atae’s return to America.

Yoemon Shinmasu – My Grandfather’s Life in Seattle

Part 3 – Marriage and family

Ikuo Shinmasu

Continuing with Part 2 in which I wrote about Yoemon’s single life in Seattle, this part shares Yoemon’s marriage, children born in Seattle, and his barbershop business following the marriage.

Yoemon Shinmasu – My Grandfather’s Life in Seattle

Part 2 – Yoemon’s first job and life in Seattle

Ikuo Shinmasu

Part one introduced Yoemon’s hometown, Kamai, and how he sailed across the ocean via Hawaii, pretending to be a sailor, and landed in Seattle in 1906. Part two shares a detailed story about how he started his barbershop business three years after his arrival in Seattle.

Yoemon Shinmasu – My Grandfather’s Life in Seattle

Part 1 – From Kamai to Seattle

Ikuo Shinmasu

Kamai Village in Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Ikuo Shinmasu was born in Kamai in Kaminosekicho, Kumage-gun in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1950. After working at Teikoku Sanso Ltd. (currently AIR LIQUIDE Japan Ltd.), a foreign-affiliated company in Kobe, he retired and started his “second” college life at Nihon University as a history major. He lives in the city of Zushi in Kanagawa Prefecture with his wife and eldest son. He likes cooking and karaoke.

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