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Uncovering Hidden History: Author Greg Robinson Explores Japanese American Journalism in Pacific Citizens

Darryl Mori

“I was stunned when I started, and to some extent still am, at how rarely this precious source seemed to be used or cited by historians of Japanese Americans, notably those of the war years,” says scholar-author Greg Robinson.

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When Heroes Weren’t Welcomed Home: Author Linda Tamura on Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence

Darryl Mori

“I can still recall the pit in my stomach as I read full-page ads urging Japanese American residents not to return to their community from the camps where they had been exiled,” scholar and author Linda Tamura says.

Giant Robot Biennale 3: Behind the Scenes with GR’s Eric Nakamura

Darryl Mori

“This isn’t just a kid putting in a random group of young artists and ‘taking’ or ‘borrowing’ a great space,” Eric Nakamura says. “It’s much more to me than that. I can do that elsewhere.”

An Interview with G.W. Kimura, Ph.D. -- New President/CEO of the Japanese American National Museum

Darryl Mori

“Although from far away, I have always felt close to the museum,” says Dr. G.W. (Greg) Kimura, the Japanese American National Museum’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami—An Interview with Curator Meher McArthur

Darryl Mori

“When I was a child growing up in Scotland, I was first introduced to origami by two Japanese students of my father’s who gave me a little origami doll,” Meher McArthur recalls. “The doll was very delicate and I had no idea how it was made. Later my parents bought …

Seeing Beauty Through a Magic Lens: Patrick Nagatani and 35 Years of Art

Darryl Mori

“I used to profess to my students that all photographs lie,” says Patrick Nagatani. The longtime artist and art professor is then quick to express a “wiser attitude” toward photography. “The statement is a bit anthropomorphic as photographs are but inanimate objects left to interpretation by the artist and viewer.”

The Portuguese Sushi Chef

contemporary culture

A Portuguese chef, Chef Paulo, married to a Hapa-Japanese American woman, learns to become a master sushi chef and opens a new restaurant that artfully combines Portuguese and Japanese cuisine. …

Tabloid Tableaus: Mike Shinoda and the “Glorious Excess” of Celebrity Lives

Darryl Mori

As a leading member of the Grammy Award-winning rock band Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda knows something about fame. But he believes that he’s learned the most about fame by studying famous people he’s never heard of.

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DMo is a writer based in Los Angeles, specializing in the arts and the nonprofit sector. A Sansei and a native of Southern California, he has written for UCLA and the Japanese American National Museum, where he serves as a volunteer. He currently works in fundraising and external relations for Art Center College of Design.

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