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Tracing a Path to Justice: Historian-Author Samuel O. Regalado and Nikkei Baseball

Darryl Mori

“The stories I heard were compelling and vivid,” Samuel O. Regalado says.

Vivid History: Scholar-Author Eric Muller and the “Colors of Confinement”

Darryl Mori

During World War II, amateur photographer Bill Manbo had a camera with him while unjustly incarcerated in a Japanese American concentration camp.

Changing the “Everyday” Asian Image: Behind the Scenes of "Marvels & Monsters"

Darryl Mori

“It was amazing,” Alexandra Chang of New York University (NYU) recalls. “My first reaction was the shock of the enormity of the collection. My second reaction was excitement to get this out to the public.”

Satomi Shirai: Finding Beauty in Dislocation

Darryl Mori

Artist/photographer Satomi Shirai has found a successful creative path by exploring the feeling of being lost.

Roger Shimomura: Rebel With a Cause

Darryl Mori

“It’s the best life in the world,” Roger Shimomura says, of being an artist.“It’s unpredictable. You can be lucky, unlucky, work hard or not, be crazy or sane, and you have an equal chance to make a lasting mark.”

Behind the Scenes of "Portraiture Now: Asian American Portraits of Encounter"

Darryl Mori

For the artists and museum professionals behind the Smithsonian’s landmark exhibition, a portrait is much more than an artwork. It’s an encounter—an opportunity to meet someone and glimpse his or her world, through the eyes of an artist.

Haunting Beauties: The Art of Audrey Kawasaki

online exhibition

Los Angeles-based artist Audrey Kawasaki was inspired by the manga she read from an early age, as well as by ukiyo-e and Art Nouveau. While studying fine art at the …

The Artist as Ghost Hunter: Edwin Ushiro and Envisioning Spirits

Darryl Mori

“One girl cried,” says Edwin Ushiro, recalling an audience member’s reaction to his art. “She said it touched her.”

Supernatural and the Salon Pop Series: Engaging Next-Generation Audiences with Art and Pop Culture

Darryl Mori

“The opening was mind-blowing,” says Clement Hanami. “People came out of the woodwork to see this show. We had lines trying to get in and the galleries were packed.”

Timothy Teruo Watters: Following an Artist’s Footsteps

Darryl Mori

“When you walked into (my grandfather’s) house, you saw his paintings hanging like a gallery, you saw stained glass windows he created, you saw wood tables he built and you just smelled art,” says artist Timothy Teruo Watters.

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DMo is a writer based in Los Angeles, specializing in the arts and the nonprofit sector. A Sansei and a native of Southern California, he has written for UCLA and the Japanese American National Museum, where he serves as a volunteer. He currently works in fundraising and external relations for Art Center College of Design.

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