Los Angeles, California, United States

Founded 2004

Background Information

Group's Mission and Motivation

Shin3 ["Shin to the power of three"] is an ensemble of three female performers who have a background in taiko and Japanese folk dance. Shin3 also teaches, creates and perform both original and traditional pieces, such as Shishimai (lion dance).

Shin is a root word that has multiple definitions but three were adopted to reflect the group's core values. 1) heart-mind, 2) truth and, 3) trust. Each of these three values are depicted as three distinct kanji (Chinese characters in Japanese writing).

Shin3 has multiple connotations: 1) the three members of the group, 2) the three core values (kanji), and 3) the three-dimensionality of the group.

As performers, Shin3 seeks to add originality, humor and audience interaction to its performances. The members take joy in performing and teaching and every effort is made to interact and connect with the audience/students to share in that joy.


Elaine Fukumoto/Audrey Nakasone/Joyce Layne





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