Arashi Daiko

Arashi Daiko

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Founded 1983

Basic Information

    Cultural & educational with firm roots in the community

Background Information

Group's Mission and Motivation

Arashi Daiko encourages its members to experience and share taiko by challenging themselves and striving for personal growth. Each member must overcome their own obstacles and face life's many confrontations. It is only through the development of each individual, both within and outside of Arashi Daiko, that the group may evolve as a collective.

Our goal when performing continues to be, above all else, communication with the public. Beyond the musical, traditional, and cultural aspects of their performance, the audience may share in the joy felt by Arashi's members.

Structure and Philosophy
Describe the ensemble's organizational structure and philosophy, including leadership structure, membership policy, and instructional process.

We are a collective and work very much as a team. All tasks, including communications (e-mail etc.), performance bookings, deciding on rehearsal and performance content, are shared among the members. Instruction for beginners is also shared,with members teaching on a rotational basis.

Our philosophy can be summarized within 3 core values:
1 - Appreciation: We appreciate being able to play the taiko that we currently have, and are grateful to all those who have contributed to the establishment of Arashi Daiko.

2 - Consideration: We each remain individuals, but when acting as a member of Arashi Daiko, we must first consider what is best for the group, not just ourselves.

3 - Respect: Arashi Daiko respects all cultures, ages and backgrounds. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic differences, the group exists with an open membership policy, respects each member's individuality, and asks that all members carry this respect into the group and beyond.

Members are sought out from amongst our beginners' class not only for their taiko playing ability, but for their dedication and involvement in Arashi Daiko and in Montreal's Japanese community. Although we encourage all our students, it is up to each individual to show his/her interest and motivation.

Performances, Recordings, Publications

List a selection of your regular performance venues (for example, Denver Sakura Matsuri, Seabrook obon, business conventions, Manzanar Pilgrimage, Maui Marathon, etc.)

Our annual performances include:
Ohanami, at Montreal's Botanical Gardens
Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival
Canada Day parade (students perform)
Festival Accès-Asie (Asian Heritage Fest)
Matsuri Japon
1001 Pots, pottery exhibit

Instructors, Teachers & Mentors
List the instructors, teachers and mentors who have worked with the ensemble.

Naomi Shikaze, Katsuji Kondo, Yoko Fujimoto, Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Eiichi Saito, Masami Miyazaki, Gary Kiyoshi Nagata

Taiko Collaborators
List a selection of taiko players or groups that have collaborated with the ensemble.

Oto-wa Taiko, Hinode Taiko, Wasabi Taiko, Patrick Graham

Non-Taiko Collaborators
List a selection of non-taiko players or groups that have collaborated with the ensemble.

Ganesh Anandan, Patrick Graham, Nishikawa Ensemble, Mariko Tanabe, Michel Séguin


Mikio Owaki
8155 Rousselot, Montreal, QC Canada, H2E 1Z7


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