Tatsumi "Tats" Tajima

Gender Male
Birth date 1914-10-24
Place of birth Centerville CA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1944-6-14, Fort Douglas UT
Enlistment type Draftee
Service branch Army
Service type War
Unit type Combat
Units served 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Regiment Headquarters,
7100th Special Service Co.
Military specialty Auto mechanic; Motor Pool; Communication; Telephone switchboard
Stationed U.S.A.; Italy
Separated Fort Sheridan IL
Unit responsibility Communications, Wire section
Personal responsibility Motor Pool Sgt. Train commander for GIs coming into Italy from Germany for Italian tour.
Major battles (if served in a war zone) Northern Appennines, Rhineland
Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit) Victory Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Army of Occupation Medal, Germany
European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon with 2 Battle Stars
Living conditions Slept in small tents and old buildings.
Transported water from creek and heated the water with blower type water heaters. Supplied water to 6 shower heads for about an hour, time for company to shower.
Food, in general , was okay but every time we had Spam, the garbage can was full (even the dogs wouldn't eat it).
Most vivid memory of military experience Spoken language -- English, pidgin English plus Japanese, Hawaiian, and Italian creates an interesting conversation.
Missed most whilst in the military Home cooked meals.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? Respect as a person.

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