Francis Yoshiharu "Frank'' or ''Yoyo" Fujihara

Gender Male
Birth date 1932-4-7
Place of birth Fresno CA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1951-1-23, Fresno CA
Enlistment type Volunteer
Service branch Navy
Service type War
Unit type Combat
Units served Navy Air Fighter Squadron 837
Navy Air Fighter Sqdn 154 - 1951-58
Amphibious Landing Force aboard USS Navarro (LPA-215) - 1958-66
Deep Salvage Recovery Team (Hawaii) aboard USS Brunswick (ATS-3) - 1966-69
Staff Duty at Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet (Hawaii) - 1969-73
Staff Duty at Commander Logistic Force Pacific (Hawaii) - 1973-79
Military specialty Fighter Jet Pilot
Administrative/Personnel Officer.
Stationed USA: Various bases in CA, AZ, NV, Pearl Harbor, HI
Other Countries: Japan; on board 3 Aircraft Carriers and other Navy ships.
Separated Pearl Harbor HI
Unit responsibility Support and peace-keeping.
Personal responsibility Combat pilot and morale.
Major battles (if served in a war zone) Three tours Navy combat fighter squadron in Korea and two tours Navy Amphibious Personnel Carrier Ship in Vietnam.
Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit) Navy Commendation Medal w/1 Gold Star (2 awards) USS Navarro/Staff CPF
Navy Achievement Medal w/1 Bronze Star (2 awards) CINCPACFLT/CNLOGPAC
Navy Unit Commendation w/1 Bronze Star (2 awards) VF-154/USS Navarro
Navy Meritorious Citation Medal Uss Navarro (LPA-215)
Navy Excellence Award w/ E pennant USS Brunswick (ATS-3)
Good Conduct Medal w/4 Bronze Star (5 awards)
Naval Reserve Meritorious Medal NARMU 831 - Alameda, CA
National Defense Medal w/1 Bronze Star (2 awards) Korea/Vietnam
Korean Campaign Medal w/4 Bronze Star 1951-58
Vietnam Campaign Medal w/3 Bronze Star 1958-66
Koreaan Presidential Unit Commendation Medal 1958
Vietnam Presidential Unit Commendation Medal 1966
Vietnam Meritorious Medal w/Oak Leaf 1958-66
United Nations Medal - Korea
Naval Reserve Medal NARMU 831 - Alameda, CA
Living conditions I was very fortunate aboard ships where I had staterooms or cubicles (little crowded but comfortable). The food aboard aircraft carriers were superb as the 'airdales' were one of the best fed in the Navy.
Most vivid memory of military experience My most treasured duty was as a member of 'Operation Homecoming Team' which brought back the Navy Prisoners of War (POW) from Vietnam in February 1973. I was responsible for keeping account of all Navy POWs; their Next of Kin's whereabouts; their estimated weight (guessed with reduced food intake) for the availability of uniforms at the time of release to freedom; arranging for tailors for immediate uniform fitting upon arrival at the Clark AF Base Hospital in the Philippines. I also did other miscellaneous jobs. I received the Navy Commendation Medal.
Missed most whilst in the military I did miss my family the most during my Navy career. Separation was always very hard to take, especially during departures. I enjoyed my staff duties at Pearl Harbor where I relocated my family of wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters; lived in 4 bedroom home on the beach at Ewa Beach, HI.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? I am a retired disabled veteran with 28 years service behind me. I lost my loving wife in May 1993; we were married happily over 38 years.

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