Charles Mitamura

Gender Male
Birth date 1930-5-19
Place of birth Fort Lupton CO, U.S.A.
Inducted 1951-9-1, Denver CO
Enlistment type Draftee
Service branch Army
Service type War
Unit type Combat
Units served Fox Co., 223rd Infantry Regt, 40th Division, Korea; USARPAC - 60th Bn, 61st Co, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.
Military specialty Infantry
Stationed Schofield Barracks, HI, Ft Benning, GA (OCS),USA; Korea.
Separated Ft. Carson CO
Unit responsibility Combat in Korea
Personal responsibility Squad leader
Major battles (if served in a war zone) Punch Bowl, Heartbreak Ridge
Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit) Bronze Star w/'V', U.N. Seervice Medal, Korean Service Medal w/3 Bronze Service Stars, Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation Badge.
Living conditions Lived in cold bunker, slept on cots made out of wires, no bathing, C rations to eat, no entertainment on front lines.
Most vivid memory of military experience Being cold, lonely and afraid. Going on many patrols, wondering if I would ever survive. Bringing in a prisoner through an open field with (in my mind at the time) every enemy soldier firing at us.
Missed most whilst in the military Home and family.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? War is a terrible thing, for us and also the enemy soldiers. We are trying to kill soldiers who are exactly like us - afraid to kill and afraid to die. Movies and TV glamorize war as something that is fun.

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