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Larry Takeshi "Shorty" Kazumura

Birth date
Place of birth
Hilo HI, USA
1943-03-25, Schofield Barracks HI
Enlistment type
Service branch
Service type
Unit type
Units served
442nd Regimental Combat Team, 3rd Battalion, Company I
Military specialty
Messenger 745 Infantryman
USA: Camp Shelby, MS Other Countries: Italy; France; Germany
Honolulu HI
Unit responsibility
Personal responsibility
Major battles (if served in a war zone)
European Theater of Operation
Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit)
Combat Infantryman Badge Good Conduct Medal Purple Heart Medal Bronze Star Medal Distinguished Unit Badge
Living conditions
Very poor living conditions - pup tent, mud, no bath. Food was K rations or C rations. For entertainment we visited the little towns.
Most vivid memory of military experience
While the Germans were shelling the area, I just climbed up a pear tree and picked pears. It was serious when I got wounded on my face - three places and a broken jaw.
Missed most whilst in the military
Freedom; my girl-friend.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience?
Comradeship. The unity of the soldiers fighting together. To help each other and understand the other person.
Additional information
They called me ''Shorty''because I was only 4 ft 9-1/2 inches, shoe size is 2-1/2 EEE. My official height, in the Army records, is listed as 5 ft 8 inches. That's how I got into the Army. I was wounded in the face and head and was in a coma from 7/7 through 8/19/1944. My records were burned so I didn't know about the coma. My daughter found out about the coma on an internet search.
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