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Nikkei Names: Writing Workshop in San Jose


Susan Kiyo Ito

Susan Kiyo Ito is my second, adoptive name. My original birth name was Kobi Ikuta. When my parents named me, they wanted me to have a common American name. Susan was one of the most popular names of 1959 and throughout school, I was always on of many Susans. I was given the middle name Kiyo, for my father's sister Kiyo who had died as a college student before I was born. She went to college & died of kidney disease. My father's family did not have enough money to travel to bury her or have a funeral. So she is buried on rthe campus of Ohio Weslyan University. My brother in law recently found it and took a photo. Kyoko Ito it says. The aunt whose name I have but never knew.

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Susan Kiyo Ito
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Photo taken and name story provided on September 21, 2014 at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose as a part of Discover Nikkei’s workshop warm-up excercise in conjunction with the More »

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