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This collection of photos gives a look into the place that keeps Little Tokyo's newspaper running. Though it may look like an ordinary office, the Rafu Shimpo has over 100 years of Japanese-American history under its belt. Pieces of both local and national history are displayed on its walls.

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Collection of Newspapers produced over the year

This is an archived collection of printed newspapers throughout the year. The Rafu Shimpo, located at 138 Onizuka Street, Los Angeles, connects the people of Little Tokyo through its continued publications.

Contributed by: Vedette

A Cubicle of the Rafu Shimpo Office

Just before the printing room, there are a handful of cubicles made for individual workers to complete articles.

A Cubicle
Contributed by: Vedette

The Heart of the Rafu Shimpo Office

In the main area where work is done, there are several open ended cubicles. Scattered across a majority of tables in hiragana or english are papers and photographs being prepared for the next issue.

Main Office Cubicles
Contributed by: Vedette

Rafu Shimpo's 90th Anniversary

In 1993, the Rafu Shimpo celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the newspaper. Despite the past trials and tribulations of WWII, the paper managed to push through and make it onto it's 90th year in publication.

Rafu Shimpo's 90th Anniversary
Contributed by: Vedette

History Preserved on the Rafu Shimpo Walls

Deeper into the Rafu Shimpo office, historical people and events of significance are blown up and preserved on the Rafu Shimpo Walls. On the left are two men caught in a Sumo Wrestling Match. To the right are Japanese women in traditional kimono garb with a parasol.

Sumo Wrestling Match and Japanese Women in Traditional Kimono
Contributed by: Vedette

Kristi Yamaguchi

One of several photos lining the walls of the Rafu Shimpo office is of Kristi Yamaguchi, a fourth generation Japanese American (Yonsei) figure skater. In the Winter Olympics in France, she won America's first gold medal.

Kristi Yamaguchi
Contributed by: Vedette

Toshiro Mifune

Before the Rafu Shimpo's 90th anniversary in 1993, an image of a well-known Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune (1920-1997), was taken. Toshiro Mifune was best known for his roles in Seven Samurai (1954), the Samurai Trilogy (1954-1956), and the American series Shogun (1980).

Toshiro Mifune
Contributed by: Vedette

Thomas J. Bradley

Prior to the 90th anniversary of the Rafu Shimpo newspaper, former mayor the Honorable Thomas J. Bradley, was also photographed. Bradley was the first and only African American mayor of Los Angeles.

The Honorable Tom Bradley
Contributed by: Vedette

National Guard during Los Angeles Riots of 1992

The LA Riots began on April 29, 1992, after a jury found four police men caught in the act of beating an African American (Rodney King) not guilty. Violence claimed the city and the Rafu Shimpo office closed for the day to ensure the safety of its workers. The riots …

National Guard; 1992
Contributed by: Vedette

The Man Behind the Paper

Mickey Komai, has been the current publisher of the Rafu Shimpo newspaper for over 20 years. His grandfather, H.T. Komai, started the paper, his father, Akira Komai, maintained the paper through difficult times, and Mickey Komai now continues the legacy of the Rafu Shimpo.

Mickey Komai
Contributed by: Vedette

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