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Hisako Hibi


Hisako Hibi - "Topaz flower-sunflower and corn"

I feel this picture is rightfully placed at the end of this collection, for multiple reasons. First, Hisako was very fond of this flower, the sunflower, because regardless of the harsh weather conditions at Topaz, it grew and it flourished. Perhaps she was so fond of these characteristics because she and the rest of the prisoners shared these traits with the sunflower. No matter what they went through, these people that were unjustly forced into this desolate environment were able to still survive and thrive.

Based on this original

Hisako Hibi - "Topaz flower-sunflower and corn"
uploaded by eishida
Description Unframed stretched canvas. Image of sunflower in pot on table, ears of corn laying to the left. Inscription Signed LR: Hisako Hibi / August 1945 ; BACK: Topaz Flower … More »

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