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Henry Sugimoto was born in 1900 in Wakayama, Japan, and lived until the year 1990. During his lifetime, he created hundreds of works of original art, many pieces depicting the everyday lives of Japanese Americans in the World War II concentration camps, the experiences of Japanese American soldiers, and the Issei experience.

This collection displays some of his most inspirational and meaningful pieces. It begins with a few of his pre-war works, and finishes with his post-war pieces. To see his other work, please visit the Japanese American National Museum website.

Here, you can also find collections of other important and influential people like Clara Breed and Hideo Date. Sugimoto displays his life experiences through his works of art. So, learn through his art, live through his art. Enjoy the story!

Copyright for the paintings is held by the Japanese American National Museum. Short-term educational use with limited circulation is permitted. For all other uses, please contact the Hirasaki National Resource Center at the Japanese American National Museum (hnrc@janm.org).

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