Choices for Japanese People Living in America

Japanese people living between the United States and Japan were interviewed about life choices such as obtaining permanent residency and returning to Japan.

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Tsunehisa Nakajima: 18 Years Since Winning Permanent Residency

Starting His American Life with a Wage of $7 Per Hour

I came to know Tsunehisa Nakajima, COO of an IT company in the outskirts of San Francisco, through an interview for the newsletter of a certain Nikkei business association. I looked up his name after the interview in order to put together his profile. I had been certain that he was an expat from Japan, but I discovered that he actually won his green card lottery shortly after the September 11 attacks and came to the United States on his own. That program has become highly competitive, and I …

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Why people decide to move back to Japan, instead of living out their life in America

Married couple who moved back to Japan after 48 years living in America

An increasing number of people around me are moving back to Japan. I’m also nearing that turning point myself. I feel at ease because my eldest son works in Japan and lives with my parents, but as their only child, I must return to Japan to take care of them when they require more elderly care. While there are Shin-Issei like me who return to Japan in order to take care of our parents who stayed in Japan, there are also those who move to Japan because …

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