Gustavo Ytokazu Minami

Student at the University of Lima’s Law School, former general coordinator of the Movement of Minors AELU, and member of the Lidercambio 2010 organization committee.

Updated October 2009

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Discover Nikkei at COPANI XV - Uruguay 2009

The Importance of International Exchange Programs for Nikkei Youth

At the XV COPANI, held September 17-19, 2009, young Pan-American Nikkei had a crucial role – one that will set the guidelines for future COPANI events.1


We fulfilled commitments and proposed common goals among all Pan-American Nikkei youth organizations so as to strengthen our ties and integration through international exchange programs. The common goals agreed upon are the following: the development of individuals to take up leadership roles, the promotion of cultural exchanges, and the creation of friendship and international ties.

It’s for that reason that I’d like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about …

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