Gary Yamaguchi

Gary Yamaguchi grew up going matsutake hunting, hiking, mountaineering, and fishing in the mountains surrounding Seattle. He went away for college and graduate school, and became a professor of engineering at Arizona State University. He now works as a biomechanical consultant near Seattle.

Updated January 2022

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Matsutake Fever!

“GIVE ME THAT!” My Auntie Vi’s words were harsh and insistent – and accompanied by her yanking the pile of maps out of my little hands. It was as if a demon had suddenly possessed her. What happened to the sweet and vibrant personality that drew everyone to her? What I now know is that she had been temporarily possessed, not by a demon but by matsutake fever! Matsutake are pine mushrooms that grow in forested regions of Asia, western North America, and northern Europe, and are prized for their delicate flavor and aroma.  In the Pacific Northwest, matsutake fe…

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