Nancy Uyemura

Nancy Uyemura was born and raised in Los Angeles, a Sansei, with degrees from both UCLA and USC, as well as studying in Japan and at Otis Art Institute with Kanemitsu and later at the American Feng Shui Institute. Nancy has taught different levels and was Visual Communications Director for Mrs. Gooch’s Markets (later becoming Whole Foods), as well as showing her art work locally and in Japan and Korea, and directed Gallery IV in the Arts District. She has done several public art projects, including the LTSC entry to Casa Heiwa and paintings in the Little Tokyo Library. Uyemura has always written in many genres but is drawn to poetry. Her spiritual voice is seen and heard in both her visual work and written word.

Updated September 2019

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Nikkei Uncovered: a poetry column


This month, I sought out poems from Los Angeles-based Nancy Uyemura and Amy Honjiyo. I'd been asking Nancy for quite some time now to send me some writing ever since I learned she writes from time to time in the background of her beautiful art making career. Then, I saw both of them onstage for one of the +LAB Artist-in-Residence culminations at the Aratani Theatre in Little Tokyo (supporting my fellow cohorts Marina Fukushima and Isak Immanuel) and was caught in a sort of awe in seeing these two wonderful beings up there, so present in a performance moment. Their pieces here are co…

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