Marina Tsutsui

In 1995, she was born in Shizuoka, Japan. She moved to Brazil in 2004 and graduated from middle school and high school in São Paulo. This year she graduated from the Art Institute of São Paulo with a major in graphic design. Her hobbies are dancing, making sweets and playing with Lyca and Bruce, the two golden retrievers. Her goal is to serve for god through dancing and to become a graphic designer.

Updated September 2016

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Nikkei Chronicles #5—Nikkei-go: The Language of Family, Community, and Culture

Brazil Is My Second Home—Japan Is My Spiritual Home

My mother is Japanese Brazilian, and my father is Japanese. I was born in Japan and lived there until I was nine years old. My parents spoke to me only in Japanese. When one or both parent is Brazilian, some children go to Brazilian schools, but I went to Japanese school every year from preschool to 4th grade. Água and obrigado were the only two words I knew in Portuguese back then, and I can’t even remember when I used them. The only time when I had a chance to meet Brazilians was when I went to Brazilian Evangelical Church. Everyone there was talking in Portuguese, including …

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