Nilton Suenaga

Nilton Suenaga was born in Gabriel Monteiro, São Paulo, in 1987. He’s an architect and urban planner, having graduated from FAU-USP in 2010. From 2011–2015 he was a partner architect at SPBR Arquitetos and he’s currently one of the founding partners of Sabiá Arquitetos. Additionally, he is a professor of Architectural Language at Santa Cruz School and an illustrator responsible for the series [un] predictable são paulo, published on the Vitruvius online portal.

Updated October 2016

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Nikkei Chronicles #5—Nikkei-go: The Language of Family, Community, and Culture

Daikon, Kabu, Akadaikon, Akakabu

After starting to cook in a slightly more conscious manner (living with Bia, my girlfriend, I’ve naturally left behind those university days when I thought that adding garlic to the Fugini tomato sauce was a great culinary feat), I began shopping weekly at the street market in my area, thinking a little about my physical health and a lot about my financial health. Born and raised in a typical Japanese–Brazilian family in the interior of São Paulo, for a long time my culinary repertoire consisted of Japanese recipes living in perfect harmony with genuinely Brazilian dishes,…

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