John Sammon

John Sammon is a freelance writer and newspaper reporter, novelist and historical fiction writer, non-fiction book writer, political pundit and column writer, comedy and humor writer, screenplay writer, film narrator and a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He lives with his wife near Pebble Beach.

Updated March 2018

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Works of Sansei Artists recalling World War II Imprisonment of Japanese Americans on Display at the Monterey Museum of Art

Sansei (third generation American born) Japanese Americans often have prior family histories that have been blacked out; their Nisei (second generation) parents who were imprisoned by the U.S. Government during World War II never talked about it. It was too painful an experience, one they desperately wanted to forget. “Through their silence my family protected me from what happened to them, but silence is a powerful transmitter of emotional trauma—there’s no statute of limitations,” said Monterey-based photographer, designer, and writer Jerry Takigawa. “After t…

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Woman’s Starring Role on TV Show Contradicts Negative Stereotypes of Asians

The competent no-nonsense character Keiko Elizabeth plays on Showtime’s hit television show City on a Hill contradicts a negative and false stereotype some non-Asian people have of Asians— of being meek, submissive. “In the show Kevin Bacon plays a corrupt FBI agent and I play his boss,” Elizabeth said. “I play a woman who was born in a (U.S. Government-run) concentration camp at Manzanar. When I met with the show’s producer to discuss my part I asked him if I would be playing a sufferer who doesn’t want to rock the boat (speak out on injustice). He …

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Bay Area Man Combines Wisdom and Buddhist Thought to Ease Hardships for People

Kenji Oshima coaches people who are suffering with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and he also teaches Buddhism (Dharma). Both methods of helping others involve similar skills. For example, you don’t dictate to someone how to live their life. You talk about options; you let a person discover their own best path. “You learn to shut up and not give advice,” Oshima said. “That’s a major skill. You ask questions and get interesting answers. You present options to people and let them evolve.” ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder that often st…

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Lancaster Man Memorializes Love for His Wife with New Book

The love Lou Moore had for his wife Nellie lasted beyond 74 years and overcame as true love will, obstacles including imprisonment in a concentration camp, war and the opposition of family members because of Nellie Moore’s Japanese heritage. That love has continued unabated even with Nellie’s passing in October of 2020. His love for his wife led Lou Moore to write a book on their experiences together titled, Eternal Love: The True Love Story of Nellie and Lou Moore, available for purchase on Released on Nov. 30, 2020, the book has already received excellent reviews. …

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Sacramento Area Man Goes from Concentration Camp to Role in Monument Preserving History

Tom Okubo has had a long and successful life. The 95 year old Sacramento man exhibits little bitterness from his experience as a former inmate of a concentration camp that imprisoned him for no reason other than his ancestry. He went on to assist in the establishment of a State Historic Monument at the site helping to preserve history. So hopefully it will not be forgotten. Okubo thought back to the time when as a teenager during World War II he was imprisoned at the Tule Lake War Relocation Authority Camp in Siskiyou County in a remote part of Northeastern California near the Oregon borde…

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