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Nicholas Turner

Nicholas Turner is studying journalism at Seattle University and writes articles for The North American Post as well as for the Spectator, a campus newspaper. His father was born in Oregon and his mother in Tokyo. His work focuses on international issues derived from his experiences as a mix-raced youth in a globalized world. He hopes to find people who share his experiences.

Updated July 2016

Stories from This Author

Thumbnail for Interview with Masako Kanazawa
Interview with Masako Kanazawa

Nov. 24, 2016 • Nicholas Turner

As a journalist—a journalism student, I should say—I interview people almost every day. My job is to tell stories, about the places I go and the people I meet, and to do so in a respectful but honest way. There are good interviews, where the subject gives me everything I need, and much more, and there are bad interviews, where my questions are ignored or evaded and I walk away with nothing. There are short interviews, where I know what …

Thumbnail for That Hapa Kid—Part 3
That Hapa Kid—Part 3

Aug. 3, 2016 • Nicholas Turner

Rear Part 2 >> Touring my own country, in another country I’ve said in previous articles that I don’t feel I belong in this country, nor do I feel I belong in Japan even though my mother was born there. Certain things remind me of this awkward position, and that I am at once a resident at home and a tourist abroad, using what I know to navigate the new. When my family goes out for sushi in downtown Portland …

Thumbnail for That Hapa Kid—Part 2
That Hapa Kid—Part 2

July 27, 2016 • Nicholas Turner

Read Part 1 >> In June a friend invited me to join her and other members of the Japanese Student Association (JSA) of Seattle University for dinner. I came along and we packed into two cars and made our way down to a Japanese restaurant in the International District. All of the students that came spoke Japanese in varying degrees, which came as a surprise to me because, well, I had no idea my school had so many native speakers …

Thumbnail for That Hapa Kid—Part 1
That Hapa Kid—Part 1

July 20, 2016 • Nicholas Turner

Hapa, in Hawaiian, means “part” or “mixed.” It’s typically used to describe a person of Asian or Pacific Islander descent. I heard the word on the first day of my freshman year in college. That night, I met two girls studying in the hallway outside of my dorm room. They greeted me kindly and invited me to join them. Before I even sat down, one of them asked me if I was a “hapa kid.” I asked her what that …

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