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Yuki Nakandakari

Yuki Nakandakari is a Peruvian chef who has directed the restaurants “Chalaco's” in Philadelphia, “Pisco” in Baltimore, “Ocopa” in Washington DC and the “Lima's Chicken” chain, among others. He is currently promoting the first Cevicheria Pop-Up concept in the USA with “Ceviche Brothers”. Host of the first Peruvian Talk-Show in the US “Loreando Entre Causas”. Contributor to influential radio stations, magazines and newspapers in the United States, as well as winner of various recognitions for his professional career. He has participated in gastronomic fairs such as “Perú Fusión” NJ and “Perú to the World Expo” NY, where he was distinguished on the list of “Top Peruvian Chef in the USA 2021” and the TV program Sabor & Fusión by SurPeru. Member of the 2022 Board of Directors of the Peruvian American Chefs Association PACH.A. and Culinary Director of Top Peruvian Chef. The prestigious international gastronomic guide Michelin included it in its 2017 Washington DC edition.

Last updated September 2022

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Nikkei Chronicles #11—Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community
Creole Sashimi

Sept. 16, 2022 • Yuki Nakandakari

It's September and I want to tell you a very personal story about a perfect dish for these hot times of year. It is Creole sashimi . A dish that brings back many childhood memories, anecdotes about my father, my Oji (grandfather in Japanese), my Japanese family, etc. Sashimi is a Japanese dish prepared with finely cut raw fish and/or shellfish. The word Sashimi in Japanese refers to “tasting an ingredient for itself.” The protein is served with a sauce …

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