Robert Nakamura

Robert Nakamura is a Professor of Political Science Emeritus from the Albany campus of the State University of New York.  He has written on regulation, policy implementation, and democratization.  

Updated May 2016

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This Old House: A Tale of Japantown as a Hotspot for Historic Cultural Monument Status

We begin with an odd question. Should the Nakamura family house in Sawtelle (pictured above) be “involuntarily designated” a “historic-cultural monument” (HCM) and join the Griffith Park Observatory and a thousand sites on Los Angeles’ Declared Monuments List? That question was answered by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission on April 21, 2016.

Our house is not unique. Sawtelle is a “hot spot” for potential monuments containing about half of all West LA’s potential sites: 38 other homes, businesses, and institutions. Just the few blocks of Japantown contains 20 places familiar from my 1950s childhood including my uncle’s gift shop, …

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