Lora Nakamura

Lora Nakamura is a fourth generation Japanese American and Los Angeles native, with a background in education and social work.  She received her B.A. in Spanish Literature from the University of California, San Diego, her teaching credential from Cal State L.A., and her Masters in Social Work from Cal State Long Beach. She is the author and illustrator of The Bonsai Babes: A Love Story, which depicts the unique overlaps seen in love relationships. The book tells the tale of a Mexican American girl and a Japanese American girl who come to co-exist on a Los Angeles playground. Their space of intersection, although unique to them, is universal to those who have ever felt an unlikely connection or who have simply experienced love in their lives.

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Updated October 2013

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Nikkei Chronicles #2—Nikkei+: Stories of Mixed Language, Traditions, Generations & Race

Living in the Overlap

Two years ago, I met a Mexican American man and this meeting would change my life forever. We were from two different worlds, yet we still found the intersection where those two worlds overlapped, a special place created just for us. And in that place, we were not labels. He was not a Mexican American and I was not a Japanese American. We were greater than that. We were simply limitless potential.


One week ago, I met a Korean American man, and I feel my life changing yet again. He has his own world of experience, both exhilarating and …

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