Masayoshi Morimoto

Masayoshi Morimoto was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1939 and graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor of Laws. After working at Sony Corporation of America for 15 years and at Sony Brasil for 10 years, he became a managing director at Sony Corporation, President at Aiwa Corporation and President/CEO at Benesse Corporation, successively. His only daughter, who has US citizenship, works at the federal court of appeals in San Francisco as a lawyer. He currently resides in Chiba.

Updated April 2021

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Eight Values that Brazilian Nikkei Want to Transmit to Their Descendants

Strong feeling of responsibility to transmit the Nikkei legacy for the future

Covid-19 has been spreading over the world and the measures that the government of each country has been taking are diverse and people are reacting differently to them.

In Japan, the measures that the government are taking are much less restrictive than those in Europe and US but the number of infected persons and deaths are quite lower, which provoked comments on the reason why it is.

The Deputy Prime Minister Aso mentioned “difference in people’s degree” and Prof. Yamanaka, a Nobel prize winner tried to find out the …

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