Marjene Matsunaga Turnbull

ccc Sachiko Matsunaga Turnbull is a Nisei-Sansei, born in 1947 to Kimiko (Hisaoka) and Todomu Matsunaga in Vernon BC. She grew up in Lethbridge AB. and became a teacher, farm wife, and potter, now retired but still lives on her 117- year old Grandview Farm close to Onoway AB. She has thrown functional pottery and sculptural forms since 1982 and has sold locally, nationally, and internationally. She has been married to her husband Brian for 50 years and has three children, Adam, Miya, and Michael, with grandchildren Jacob, Azalea, Beatrix, Elizabeth, and Grant.

Updated July 2019

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Canadian Nikkei Artist

Marjene Matsunaga Turnbull: Baking Japanese Canadianness

Read the interview with Marjene Matsunaga Turnbull by Norm Ibuki >> After learning what the Japanese Canadian (JC) history was, I could describe events. Using layers to build upon, it became like a cake. And making a recipe for it was perfect for doing the family history within the general JC history, I thought. Each layer was done separately, glazed, and fired. Layers were glued together. Recipe for The Hisaoka History Cake: “Continuum” Preparation Time: 90 yearsUse three nesting bake pans and make each layer, a generation at a time.Yield: There is a piece for each and …

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