Kazue Ishii

Kazue Ishii was born on February 13, 1940, to her father Tadao Ozaki and her mother Kiyoe in the Union colony, Pereira Barreto in the state of São Paulo. She married Isamu Ishii on July 2, 1966, raised four children and currently resides in the city of São Paulo with her husband Isamu. Her hobbies are reading, traveling, writing, and making haiku poems.

Updated August 2021

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Nikkei Chronicles #10—Nikkei Generations: Connecting Families & Communities

Happy To Be of Help – My Japanese-learning Classes

It was more than 30 years ago when I, as a Japanese Brazilian Nisei, started developing a desire to be of help to my peers in the same generation. “It will be our 25th wedding anniversary next year.” In 1990, I was having this conversation with my husband (Isamu). During our marriage, we raised four kids and I did all the work of a housewife and helped my husband with his job, too. We took the time off out of our busy schedule to serve our local communities as much as we could, supporting them financially as well. When I turned 50, I declared to my family, “I’m going…

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