Dan Kawawaki

1995年11月栃木県生まれ。2002-2003年にかけて、カリフォルニア州サクラメント在住、Matsuyama Elementary Schoolに通う。 現在は国際基督教大学2年在学中。

(2015年9月 更新)

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Nikkei Chronicles #4—Nikkei Family: Memories, Traditions, and Values

History of My Grandmother—Things I Learned About Her Life this Summer Just Before I Turned 20

My grandmother Etsuko Nakatani lives by herself in Weiser, Idaho. She was born in Inasa-machi in the Nagasaki prefecture in 1926 (Taisho 15). Until recently I didn’t know anything about the life of my grandmother who will turn 90 in March next year.

This summer I found The 100 years of History of Nikkei in America in my grandmother’s house which led me to Ryusuke Kawai’s series on Discover Nikkei, “Re-reading of The 100 Years of History of Nikkei in America and learning some parts of the life of my grandmother as well as my Nisei grandfather and other …

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