Kevin Y. Kawamoto

Kevin Y. Kawamoto, MSW, Ph.D., is a gerontological social–work educator and longtime contributor to The Hawai‘i Herald.

Updated July 2021

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Japanese-Language Media in Hawai‘i: A Labor of Love and Devotion - Part 2

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Japanese-Language Radio

From 1959 to 2000, radio station KOHO on the AM dial offered Japanese-language radio programs. Launched in 1963, KZOO radio remains Hawai‘i’s only existing Japanese-language radio station. Listeners can still hear local news presented in the Japanese language on KZOO as well as Japanese music and talk. Listeners include Hawai‘i residents, businesses, visitors and students, according to the station’s website. The station features longtime Japanese-language radio personalities whose voices are well-known to regular listeners.

“Aside from our position on the radio dial at AM 1210, KZOO Radio can be heard by cable recipients on channel …

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Japanese-Language Media in Hawai‘i: A Labor of Love and Devotion - Part 1

Like many other fans of KIKU-TV, I binge-watched Japanese-language television shows last month knowing that the station’s multi-cultural programming was coming to an end on June 28. It was like knowing a favorite restaurant was going to be shutting down for good and wanting to sample as many of its delicacies as I could before they are no longer available.

As mentioned in last month’s issue of The Hawai‘i Herald, KIKU-TV has had a long, sometimes tumultuous history in Hawai‘i Japanese-language programming. Although I have studied the history of ethnic media in Hawai‘i and other parts of the country …

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