Kotaro Horisaka

Kotaro Horisaka is a Professor at Sophia University in Tokyo where he is part of the Foreign Studies department faculty, as well as the President of the Iberoamerican Institute. He is a graduate of International Christian University. He specializes in Latin American Studies, particularly political economy. Before he became a professor at Sophia University, Kotaro served as a journalist in the Stock Division at Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Nikkei Shinbun), a research assistant at the International Development Center of Japan, a journalist for the Industry Division and Foreign News Division at Nikkei Shinbun, and a foreign correspondent in Central and South America for 4 years where he conducted fieldwork and covered the news in Latin American countries, particularly in Brazil. He also analyzed the tendencies of the regional integrity of the American Continent, focusing on the MERCOSUL (Southern Common Market), industries and enterprises in Latin America, and Brazilian politics and economy.

Updated November 2007

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COPANI & KNT (2007)

An Era of Innovation: The Nikkei Contribution to the Knowledge Pipeline -- Part 2

>> Part 1 2. Increasingly Diverse Nikkei Communities in the Midst of Globalization With regard to Nikkei communities themselves, recently in Japan I get the feeling that a new movement has emerged that seeks to take a fresh look from a new perspective at Nikkei communities abroad. In the past it used to be the case that “Nikkei” was equated with “emigrant,” and from the 1990s the image of Nikkei become one of people who had come to Japan to live and work.This year I received two books that discuss Nikkei communities abroad. One book is titled Chikyuu Jidai no Nan…

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COPANI & KNT (2007)

An Era of Innovation: The Nikkei Contribution to the Knowledge Pipeline - Part 1

48th Convention of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad and 14th Convention of Pan-American Nikkei"Going back to the basics of the Nikkei community abroad and promoting the development and role of the community" Introduction Ladies and Gentlemen, a very good morning to you all. As just introduced, my name is Kotaro Horisaka and I work as a professor in the Faculty of Foreign Studies of Sophia University in Tokyo. Since June last year I have been serving as one of the board of directors of the Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad.My field of specialization is the political economy of Latin America…

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