Maia Hito

Maia Hito is a high school student who has been in love with Japanese culture since she was young. She is a Japanese Peruvian with European roots. She participated in a contest known as A Letter To My Parents in 2014, winning second place. She believes the contest opened her eyes to who she was and helped her indulge herself in the diversity of culture present in her own home. “I began to appreciate my heritage more and currently I am continuing to learn more about my roots by learning Japanese and expanding on my Spanish as well.”

Updated October 2015

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Nikkei Chronicles #4—Nikkei Family: Memories, Traditions, and Values

A Letter to My Parents

Dear Teresa, Victor, and Maria Hito,

While anyone would agree you are far from traditional, I find myself now embracing our strange tendencies. Living among Japanese Peruvian immigrants with amusing accents may not seem difficult; however, I assure you it carries its burdens.

Growing up with a mom that isolated herself from socializing with other prosperous thriving parents, leaning on an uncle who replaced the supposed much needed father in my life, and explaining to my sweet grandmother the foreign English words she fought hard to understand. These people made up my childhood which I recall fondly upon.

However, I …

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