Luke Galati

Luke Galati is a Canadian journalism student based in Toronto. He writes for the Japanese Canadian newspaper, Nikkei Voice.

Updated December 2014

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Hollywood Veteran Chris Tashima Looks Back on His Filmmaking Career

In a sharp black tuxedo and matching bowtie, Chris Tashima takes the stage at the 1998 Academy Awards. His small gold earring sparkles. His jet-black hair glistens. And the Oscar that he just won for Best Live Action Short Film shines. The thirteen-inch statue is plated in gold and weighs just over eight pounds. He grips it tightly in his left hand. For Tashima, the award serves as recognition for the leap of faith that he took on Visas and Virtue. He directed the 26 minute film, produced it, co-wrote the screenplay, and acted as the lead performer. It tells the true story of Chiune Sugiha…

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Issey Nakajima-Farran's Wild Ride: Becoming a Professional Soccer Player

During Issey Nakajima-Farran’s very first soccer game, he scored a goal. But there was one problem. He was eight, playing for his school team in Japan. His opponent took a shot that slid past his keeper, but the ball wasn’t travelling fast enough to reach the back of the net. So Nakajima-Farran gave it his all, sprinting hard in an effort to tackle the ball, and kick it out of harms way. With a smile on his face, he tells Nikkei Voice, “And then I scored on my own goal. So that was the first time I ever scored.” Nakajima-Farran, now 30, has played professional socc…

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