Andréia Ferreira

Andréia Ferreira has been a journalist since 1989. After working in the Brazilian press she was a reporter and editor at the Jornal Tudo Bem and at the magazine Made in Japan in Tokyo from 1999 to 2001 and in São Paulo from 2002 to 2006. Today, she edits Japanese-themed books and is the editor of Gambare! Magazine. She’s currently getting her masters at the University of São Paulo, while working on a thesis about Brazilian journalism in Japan.  

Updated September 2009

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The Multiple Identities of the Nikkei Community

The Brazilian Media Landscape in Japan

The Brazilian media in Japan, as well as most of the world’s communication processes, has undergone accelerated growth followed by significant diversification and segmentation. In the more than two-decade-old dekasegi migration movement—during which groups of Brazilian immigrants were slowly transformed into a socially articulated community—the media has been accompanying this expansion while going through constant modifications, whether in the printed press, audio and video means of communication, and the Web. To fully understand the current landscape of the Brazilian media…

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