Elise Chang

Elise Chang is a junior in high school who has rediscovered a passion for writing. On rainy days here in Baltimore, Maryland, I like to make myself lattes and brainstorm ideas for future stories and poems. When it’s sunny outside, you’ll find me out and about exploring my town, playing badminton, roller skating, and of course, eating good food. The pandemic has made life stressful and uncertain, but writing has helped me get through these tough times and look forward to a brighter future.

Updated June 2021

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8th Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

The Creatures of Little Tokyo

Thistle sat and watched people eat mochi ice cream from a tree. She was in the James Irvine Garden, and all the lanterns were glowing particularly bright this evening. Of all the places in Los Angeles, the garden here in Little Tokyo was her favorite place, especially during this time of year when the sound of drums hummed through the streets and children twirled in colorful clothing. When Thistle, the small fox squirrel, first arrived in Little Tokyo, she watched as a little girl danced, the patterns on her kimono swirled to the rhythm of the song. Thistle didn’t know at the time, but…

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