Frank Buckley

Frank Buckley is co-anchor of KTLA's Emmy Award-winning signature broadcast, the KTLA Morning News. Buckley joined KTLA/CW in June 2005 from CNN where he had been a Los Angeles-based national correspondent.

Within weeks of Buckley's arrival at KTLA, he traveled to Iran to cover the presidential election. In addition to his duties as anchor of the KTLA Morning News, Buckley also writes the Buckley Blog at KTLA.COM.

Updated March 2011

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Kizuna: Nikkei Stories from the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Covering the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

I returned home from Japan last night and wanted to share a few thoughts, a few behind-the-scene moments and a link to a way you can help the Japanese people. This assignment began a week ago Thursday night when the magnitude 9 earthquake hit. Morning News Executive Producer Tim Scowden called me at home to wake me and let me know we'd be going on early--at 4AM. He also knows that as an American with a Japanese mother, I have friends and family in Japan and that I'm involved in the Japanese American community here in the States. Tim asked me to think about how we might include some of their …

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