Susan Aihoshi

Susan Aihoshi is a sansei writer and editor who was born in Toronto and has worked in publishing for most of her career. She is the author of Torn Apart, part of Scholastic's Dear Canada series for children. Her book explores the experiences of a young girl living in Vancouver in 1941, and what happens to her and her family after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. Susan has a special interest in Japanese Canadian issues.

Updated May 2013 

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Strawberry Hill, British Columbia: A New Perspective On the 1942 Evacuation

On the Friday before Remembrance Day last year, I took part in a memorable presentation called Women and War, organized by the Meaford Community Theatre in the picturesque town of Meaford, Ontario. The first half of the program featured the recollections of Mrs. May Brown of Vancouver, who is now 93 years old and had lived in the Strawberry Hill farming community of the Fraser Valley during WWII. After the video of Mrs. Brown’s reminiscences was shown, I talked about and read from my book Torn Apart. I was very moved by Mrs. Brown’s detailed account of those long-ago times&mdas…

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