Avril Adams

Avril Adams has been writing short stories for a number of years in various genres. Her most recent publication credit is “The Lowriders” in the Sisters In Crime/LA anthology Last Exit to Murder. “The Lowriders” is a short story about a young Mexican American man coming of age the hard way in Los Angeles at the beginning of World War II.

Avril’s background is in English literature and agricultural science, which may seem a strange combination for some, but it fuels her passion for both legs of literature—the abstract and the real world. She also has a passion for art, animals, antiques, true crime television, landscape design, and films.

She’s currently working on a crime novel with a female African American protagonist who takes on all kinds of shadowy figures in high places. Avril is delighted that her short story “A Wedding in Little Tokyo” is a finalist in the 1st annual Little Tokyo Historical Society’s short story contest.

Updated December 2014

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1st Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

A Wedding in Little Tokyo

It was Saturday evening. Mitsue Yamashita’s fingers moved nimbly over a pair of kimono panels. She threaded a needle through the autumn design, stitching the panels together which were the last to be assembled for the kimono she intended to wear for the Little Tokyo Nisei Week festivities. It was the fifth year of the worst economic downturn anyone could remember and everyone feared the festival would fail to attract people outside the Issei and Nisei community. Mitsue and her friends sat in a circle sewing their own kimonos from fabrics imported from Japan. The other girls thought Mit…

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